From Hole To Hole
Metal, Polyester and Fiberglass baths


The work From Hole To Hole is made from two identical ready-made baths that are standing back to back and connected from their drain holes by a five meters metal pipeline. The baths are supporting each other because of their equal weight.The pipeline is hollow and the baths holes are as high as the viewer’s gaze, what is allowing the viewer to look through the.holes. The two baths are playing an equal role in the support of each other and the sculpture is symmetric

The work From Hole To Hole was exhibited togather to the works Two Eagles and Two Eagles nr.2.  The works gave each other a deeper meaning,because the work From Whole To Whole has sexual associations, what is adding to the political interpretation of the works Two Eagles. The Nesher Eagles become also a symbol of masculinity and sexuality and the oppression that is associated wit the works become not only political but also physical and sexual.